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​Frequently asked questions

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What if I am in terrible shape and hate to exercise?

​You have come to the right trainer. I specialize in getting extremely poorly conditioned people into an exercise program safely, comfortably, and with minimal pain. Many of my clients were people who had not exercised on a regular basis in their entire life or not at all.

You cannot expect to get into shape in a day or a week. It takes time. You must make a long-term commitment to fitness. Many people try to do too much too soon. They end up injured or so sore that they never go back to working out. You must begin at a level that is appropriate to your current level of fitness. I will gradually increase the intensity of your workout as your condition improves. Your workout will continually be challenging yet safe with no risk of injury. If you work out consistently you will be amazed at the results and how great you feel. Persistence is the key to getting the results you desire.

You must believe to achieve!

How many days a week are necessary?

How long does it take to see results?

​For strength and training, two days a week are adequate but three days per week is best. For cardiovascular training, three days per week is the minimum to achieve results. Five days a week is optimal. For weight loss cardiovascular training five days per week is necessary.

If you work out regularly it will only take a few weeks to notice a difference. The more unconditioned you are the faster you will see results. You will begin to feel stronger and see muscle tone very rapidly. It is also imperative that you follow a proper diet.

Is some type of aerobic activity part of the workout?

What is a typical workout like?

That is entirely up to you!

You may do your cardiovascular training on your own.

One good way is to do cardiovascular training on the days between resistance training days. In this way the entire hour can be focused on strength training. These exercises require more supervision than needed for aerobic work. If you are unable or not motivated enough to do it on your own, aerobic work can be incorporated into the workout. It is also possible to do workouts of only cardiovascular training.

Your program will be adapted to best fit your situation.

​All programs are tailored to fit each individual's needs, but a typical strength-training workout is divided into three parts:

        PART ONE: Warm-up (5-10 minutes)
        PART TWO: Strengthening and toning exercises working the entire body (40-50 minutes)
        PART THREE: Cool down and stretching (5-10 minutes)

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